People — drivers of changes

International forum on company transformations and employee experiences in times of change

Taste of future

Past experience does not work, leaders need to communicate directly with those who are creating the future right now through smart technologies, new concepts and latest development tools.

We are building a business at the point of incredible opportunities, explosive growth and unforeseen challenges, the center of which is a person - his new roles, habits and expectations.

Forum themes:

  • Technologies and new human capabilities
  • Professions and competencies of the future
  • Spaces and communications
  • Who invented the future?
  • Neuro-technology, biohacking, VR, AI...

Forum program:

  • Discussions with speakers
  • Interactive presentations
  • Key-note speech
  • The space of experience and experimentation
  • Workshops in the format “cheese & wine”
  • Party with participants.

To get on the wave, it’s not enough to be strong.
The prosperity of the company today is the team’s ability to see the future, be one step ahead and respond instantly.

For whom:

HR directors, director of innovation and transformation
UX and service designers

Cost of participation

50 000 30 000
  • Participation in the program 1 person
  • Tests technologists
  • Simultaneous translation
  • Coffee Break
  • Party
From Impulse To Impact
350 000 220 000
  • Participation in the program of 7 employees
  • Pre-moderation
  • Post-moderation
  • Mentor for the team from the «Culture of Innovation» company
  • Technology Tests
  • Simultaneous translation
  • Coffee Break
  • Party

Order for your team, give a gift to partners or use as a client event:

  • Special packaging and delivery
  • Personal options
  • Additionally, you can order branding of the client area
80 000 50 000
  • Participation in the program 2 people
  • Tests technologists
  • Simultaneous translation
  • Coffee Break
  • Party

Pack your package

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Elena Chernikova
Culture of Innovation
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Anastasia Khrisanfova
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